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What is Affiliate Marketing?



Our goal is to help readers be healthy, wealth and wise and we regularly partner with companies that share that same vision.  Some of the links in this post may be from our partners who may pay us a small commission.

Our goal is to help readers to be healthy, wealthy and wise, and we regularly partner with companies that share that same vision. Some of the links in this post may be from our partners who may pay us a small commission

You're sick of your boss, of your commute, of hardly seeing your family, leaving early in the morning, getting home late at night for little or no reward or recognition and begging every year for a raise just to keep up with the increase in cost of living.

I get it. I've been there. Stuck at a desk doing what it takes to put food on the table, and keep your boss happy, all the while thinking "is this all there is? Spending the best years of my life tied to my desk, inside all day, shuffling papers?" 

Surely there is more to life? Surely there is a better way to earn money that gives you some flexibility to work the hours that suit you and your family. If want to take the morning off to take your kids fishing, or go to the beach for an early swim? Or just being there when they get home from school or when they're sick without feeling guilty or compelled to log in later and check your emails.

And I'm here to tell you there is.  You can live a life by design, by your own rules. You can have one of the best work from home jobs there is making money online with affiliate marketing.

In this post you're going to find out exactly what affiliate marketing is, how it can be an honest and reputable way to make money online, one of the best work from home jobs around and how to get started.

So what exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

You've probably heard of affiliate marketing but you don't really know what it is. You might have heard it used in disparaging terms, like it's a way to spam people and sell diet pills. But it doesn't have to be, so we're going to set the record straight right here. 

Essentially you're a freelance marketer (but in the lingo you're known as an "affiliate").  You get to choose which products, services, and suppliers you work with and when someone makes a sale, you get paid. 

The supplier is a company with a product or service, like a training course, or a physical product. They're known as "vendors". They want to help more people, and sell more of their products or services. To do this they use the skills and expertise of affiliates from all over the world.  They get customers they would never have before and so are happy to pay handsomely for it.  Some vendors offer commissions of up to 75% of the sale price.

"Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make."

                   Pat Flynn - Smart Passive Income

But you don't need to have experience in marketing to make this work. You recommend things to people all the time and get nothing in return. Well now you can do it and get paid for it.

The suppliers win because they get to sell to people who need their product or service that they would not have reached without affiliate marketing. It helps them with their goals, and it helps customers because they get a much needed solution to a problem, or desire they have. It's win/win/win.

Affiliate Marketing Example

You're on this blog learning how to be healthy, wealthy and wise. We try to provide you with top notch information and insights to help you do that.  And as part of that we sometimes mention or recommend a product or service that might help you. Like in this blog, you're learning about affiliate marketing, so I can mention where you can get more formal training to learn how to put all this into practice, like John Crestani, Clickbank University or Wealthy Affiliate.  Now if you click on those orange words and go to their sites, and then buy one of their training courses, they will pay me a commission.  That's it.  It doesn't cost you the customer a thing, You're not being spammed or scammed into buying it.

By building a blog and doing it this way, you're are truly helping both the vendor and the customers, so getting paid for that value is nothing sketchy. It's an honest and reputable way to make money online and work from home.  Now building a blog and becoming successful isn't a get rich quick scheme. Most blogs take a long time to get traction and make enough income to replace your job. But the best part of it is, you can do this around your current job, at night, on the weekend, get up early in the morning and start building your future.  I never said this was going to be easy - and honestly if it was you wouldn't get paid for it.

On that note....

How much can you make using affiliate marketing?

Well the good news is that's totally up to you and how hard you work and how effectively you market the vendor's products and services.  Nerdwallet, started with one guy and 0 readers and now turns over $100,000,000 per year. Not even kidding.  On the smaller scale dollarsprout makes in excess of $150,000 per month by nailing their niche and traffic generation strategy.  Check out their site to see a great example of how good honest affiliate marketing looks.  And if you want to learn more about how they did it, they have another blog called Breaking the one percent which I highly recommend you check out. 

Of course there are many affiliate marketers and bloggers making $0. Just like any business not every one succeeds, that's why learning the skills from experts like John, and Clickbank University is the best way to get started.  Yes it costs some money, but every business does.

How to find suppliers who want affiliate marketers

There's a couple of ways to do this.  If you google it, you'll find a few blog posts that have lists of affiliate programs, these can be from big companies like Amazon, and niche players like Ted's woodwork solutions.

But the easiest way to get started is to use a market place like CJ,  Clickbank, Share-a-sale, or MaxBounty.  These marketplaces make it easy for the suppliers to set up and manage the affiliate program.  As you can imagine there is a fair bit of tech required to ensure that the right affiliates are getting paid what they should.  These marketplaces also make it easier for small companies to find affiliates to market for them.

How do you get started with affiliate marketing?

I'd strongly recommend you start deep dive into making money online with some training.  There's a bunch of free content being put out there by people like John Crestani, The Caffeinated Blogger and Pat Flynn and more. 

Just go to YouTube and search for affiliate marketing for beginners and hold on as you jump down the rabbit hole

And after watching this training and understanding how affiliate marketing is just one of the best work from home jobs you can get, you might be ready to invest in a paid training course like Clickbank University.


Hopefully by now you understand the incredible opportunity in front of you to create the life you want, not tied to a desk, and not destined to commute everyday of your life to pay for the house that you're barely in.  Affiliate marketing can be done in an honest and transparent way and provide real value to everyone involved.

What do you think, is worth looking into some more? Let me know in the comments below

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