February 28

4 Foods To Avoid To Lose Weight Fast



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If there's someone who knows how to lose weight fast, it's the doctor from the show “My 600-lb. Life.” Dr. Nowzaradan.

Not that they lose 600lb, but he does need them to drop weight fast before the surgery. So how does he do it?  Well he's got a whole diet plan you can follow.  But here are the foods he absolutely says to avoid;

4 Foods to Avoid

Because the success of the diet relies on eating a balanced diet comprised of low calorie foods, there are some items to avoid.

  • Sugary and Sweet Snacks

Ground breaking right? But sadly its true, if you want to lose weight fast you need to cut out the sugar.  So avoid dessert type foods, but also watch out for things sweetened with sugar, molasses, honey, syrup. Corn syrup and Brown Rice sugar are also hidden sugars targeted as "healthy" as is Maple syrup.  Sadly, these are just fancy ways to get sugar, and are so far removed from the actual food they are derived from there are no health benefits from these types of sugar. 

  • Processed Foods

Pretty much 90% of the supermarket. If it comes in a packet, its likely full of salt and sugar (because that's how they make it stay fresh on the shelf) and refined carbs.  So if you want to drop weight, shop the outside of the supermarket, lean meats, fresh vegetables and some fruit.

  • Meal Replacement Foods

Honestly, these aren't really foods but anyway, some of them can be really high in calories (calorie dense in technical terms) for what you get in volume and macronutrient content (protein, fat, carbohydrates). Most of these shakes and bars are actually just protein dressed up as something fancy and you can generally get a similar protein amount from some greek yoghurt - which also happens to be a lot cheaper.

  • Juices and Smoothies

Unless it's black tea, black coffee or water, you shouldn't be drinking it if you want to drop weight fast.  Fruit juices or smoothies may sound healthy, but the amount of calories and sugar in each one is enormous.  If you want some juice you are better off eating the whole fruit and getting the fiber that goes with it.  Plus you're unlikely to eat 5 oranges, but you could easily drink the juice of 5 oranges in one of these bad boys.

Foods You Can Eat 

So what should you eat, if you want to lose weight fast? It's pretty simple, there's nothing secret about it, just common sense;

  • Fruits and Vegetables 

Shocker right? Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, all of which your body needs to do its thing.  Try to get it some Low-starch vegetables like broccoli, brussels sprouts, turnips, celery, cabbage, onions, and leafy green vegetables. 

But don't forget the starchy vegies like corn, peas, squash, and potatoes, these are the ones that give you good natural energy from their carbohydrate content. Just don't eat too much and you'll be fine.

  • Dairy

Dairy is good for you. It's got natural protein and carbohydrates, some fats and heaps of calcium.  Like anything, just don't overdue it. Look for greek yoghurt, many have natural sugars from the yeast cultures so contain relatively few calories for what you get out of it.

  • Grains

Grains are good. Probably didn't expect that did you? It's true though, they contain fiber and of course carbs.  And I know carbs have got a bad rap, but really ask any athlete where they get their energy, and it's carbs - it's not fat.  Good old carbs. Just try to eat the least refined ones like brown rice, and quinoa and again just don't overdue it.

  • Oils and Fats

Fat is vital for your body to function so you need to eat it, the downside is that it has a lot of energy in small amounts and too many saturated fats can have some downsides so choose healthier options like oily fish, and avocado and avoid things like canola oil.


There you have it, 4 foods to avoid if you want to lose weight fast and what you should eat instead.  Don't forget, "diet" actually means way of life, so anything that leaves you miserable isnt' going to work long term.  You've got to have stuff you enjoy, just cut it back and have a small amount and enjoy it. 

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