April 18

4 Back and Bicep Workouts



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Biceps are probably the most widely recognized muscle group and a favorite to show off the physique, but curls get boring real fast.  But with these 4 bicep workouts not only will you work your guns, but also get in some nice back action.  So give these 4 bicep workouts a go and ditch the curls.

Workout 1 – Back and Bicep Workout

Deadlifts are pretty much a whole body workout, there’s plenty of videos of people exploding their bicep from deaddies. The underhand grip row will light you up real quick. Strict chin ups will force more bicep action than overhand, Good mornings will get your posterior chain going right before you get back on the deadlifts.

Do this once per week for 8 weeks, and try to increase loading each week, even if by just 5lbs

3 Rounds

  • Deadlift x 8
  • Bent over row (underhand grip) x 8
  • Strict Chin Ups x 10
  • Good Morning x 8

Rest 90 seconds between movements and 2 minutes between rounds. 

Workout 2 – back and biceps

5 Rounds for time

  • 50m Sled pull (medium/heavy)
  • 50m Zercher carries (135lb). 

Attach a rope to the sled, then stand in one spot pull it to you

Zercher carries can feel a bit weird and normal bar can hurt a bit, so wrap a towel around it if needed, or just harden up. Keep your core engaged, stand nice and tall, shoulder blades together. You can also use a heavy sand bag, or double kettlebell front rack carry if you haven’t got a bar

Workout 3 – best bicep workout

EMOM 2 x Rope Climbs (sub towel pull ups) x 10 mins

If you’re good with rope climbs go legless, or try some L-Sits.  If you haven’t got a rope, sling a towel over a pull up bar and do 5 towel pull ups per minute instead.  The every minute on the minute structure is a great way to get in some volume and keep your intensity high as it forces you to keep working and not manage your rest properly.

Workout 4 – back and biceps for power and endurance

5 rounds

  • 15 Plyometric push ups
  • 20 second Pull up holds

Plyometrics are great for building power, if you can clap do that, if not, just try to get some space between your palms and the ground each rep.

For the pull up holds, get your chin over the bar and hold it there. Simple but brutal.  Keep your core engaged, shoulder blades together and hang on!


If you’re looking to give your biceps some attention these 4 bicep workouts will give the pump you're looking for without a curl in sight.  So give it a go and let us know how it went in the comments.

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